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Posted on 02 November 2019

With the holiday season approaching us, the shoppers are anticipating heading to downtown Victoria to find the perfect unique gifts for their loved ones. I am here to encourage you to shop local and support your community all year around including the holiday season. 
Victoria is a small city with a large sense of community. A large part of that community is the ample amounts of locally owned and ran businesses. With the businesses being the main drivers in local events, we hope for the attraction of new supports to our businesses. A perfect example of being involved in our community is this past Halloween.
We participated in a pumpkin pursuit of our carved pumpkins and handing out trick or treats to the young kids of Victoria. 
Shopping locally is a much more personal experience than a chain store in the mall. The sales person will sit with you and give you personal advice on your purchases for what is the best choice for you and not just to make another sale. We strive on each and every customer leaving the store with a smile on their face and with having a satisfied experience. 
Local entrepreneurs count on the loyalty of their local customers to make their business dreams a reality. Without local shoppers, there would be no small businesses, and thus no businesses supporting our local economy. Box stores do not contribute or give back to our local economy and continue to take a larger portion of profit home at the end of the day. 
I have been working in this local business for over 2 years now, and I can personally say that it has been the best experience in a work place. Before working with Mangos, I was just another employee number with the McDonalds Canada company. With a small business you feel like you matters an employee and your needs are kept in consideration. Not only are you cared about, but you begin to feel a sense of family with the family who runs the business. As far as working in this local business, I can be myself in the sense that I am not given a script on what to say to each customer that walks through our doors and I can have human conversations while helping our customers find their perfect fit. Each day that I show up to work, I know that my work matters, it matters because it helps feed the family who puts their whole lives into this store, I know where my hard working is going and that is a great feeling. 
Next you decide to go shopping, think twice about where you are going to drive to spend your money. Make your spending count, Shop Local today, for the holidays, and all year long!

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