The Solution To Your Denim Nightmare

Posted on 01 November 2019

Everyday we hear from women who have been on a never ending mission to finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Luckily the mission ends today! G-STAR Women's jeans offer the perfect fit and design for each of you.
Lynn Mid Skinny
The classic but feminine look of a tradition 5 pocket jean. With a curved yolk and legs, this jean is created to fit the natural curves of a women's body. The shape-enhancing waist belt and crosse does back belt loops add to a contour waist line that forms with your waist line instead of digging in and trying to squeeze your body into a pre-determined waist shape. The traditional skinny jean fit at the bottom makes these jeans easily versatile between a casual look with sneakers or a night out easy dressed up with your favourite pair of heels. 
In addition to a great fit, the Lynn is also made with a compact woven denim with a smart-fibre that's adds ultimate good quality stretch for your everyday wear comfort without losing the authentic look of a raw denim.
3301 Contour High Skinny
Another classic 5 pocket jean with different stand out features. With a more modern idea of optimal enhancement for the perfect curvy woman silhouette. A higher back rise and a 3D built waist band, it is designed to sit nicely on the curviest of women. With much research put into the design of the back pockets, the 3301 claims to have the perfectly designed and placed back pockets and leg seams to enhance all the good parts of the female body!
G-STAR has carefully crafted their Benwick stretch denim with a medium weight and ultimate softness and sharply defined denim twill lines. With an excellent memory of your curves, there will be no feeling of restrictment after each wash, the denim will mold directly to the shape of you for a more comfortable fit.
Midge Cody Mid Skinny
With carefully constructed seams around the hips and legs, it gives added shaping. With a carefully constructed pocket with a half concealed zip, it adds a sexy edge to a basic jean. Made with a tencel and Cotton blend, adds super stretch abaility and great recovery.
5620 Custom Elwood Mid Skinny
The 5620 Elwood was the first moto inspired jeans designed by G-STAR. With reinforced knee patches, and angular thigh seams and motorcycle inspired patches, you have the ultimate edgy and sexy jean. A natural Mid rise and fitted waist band that moves with your body keeps a skinny jean moveable and comfortable. Like most G-STAR styles, this style is made with a super-stretch smart fibre that holds its shape between wears.
3301 Contour High Waist Straight
With the same features as the 3301 Skinny, this is the jean designed for the natural curves of a women's body. With a higher back rise made to accent and enchance everything in the right way. 
Midge Saddle Mid Waist Straight
A straight cut jean that doesn't make you compromise your figure! Cut perfectly any women she hip and thighs. A button cinche in the back of the waist band helps to avoid any gaping between your lower back and your waist band. With just the right amount of stretch, yet a thick stitch, you have the look of a thick raw denim.
Arc 3D Low Boyfriend
Designed with comfort in mind, the low waist boyfriend jean allows you to wear a relaxed fitting pair of jeans while still looking cute as ever! Built with a low rise waist and a hem that is loose up top and tapers into your ankle. Designed with a 3D model, the legs have twisted seams and an inner panel that gently twists around your leg for a non-restricting and comfortable cut. Expert design ensures a flattering look to your boyfriend jean. A medium weight 100% Cotton denim for a more raw feeling.
Midge Saddle Mid Bootleg
Built with identical designs as the Midge Saddle Straight, the bootleg widens from the thigh to the bottom hem for a wide leg. Still consisting of a fitted upper thigh and waistband, you still get a flattering look and cut for a women's curves.
A soft compact denim with stretch ability is designed for comfort.
With all of this variety of styles and cuts, we are bond to solve your denim nightmare!

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